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National and International Anglican Church or Anglican Communion
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa
This is the Diocese of Cape Town's website.
This is the blog site of the Archbishop of Cape Town. It is updated when necessary. and usually contains his latest Letter to the People of the ACSA.
This is the web site of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa of which Cape Town is the Archdiocese and to which St Paul's Rondebosch belongs.
The Anglican Communion
The Official Web page of the Anglican Communion worldwide.
Anglicans Online
This website brings news relevant to Anglicans worldwide. It has many useful resources and links.
International Websites giving opinion on the Anglican Church or Anglican Communion

Thinking Anglican
Thinking Anglicans presents news and views of Anglicanism from a liberal perspective. It proclaims a tolerant, progressive and compassionate Christian spirituality, in which justice is central to the proclamation of the good news of the kingdom of God. It believes that Anglican spirituality must engage with the world, and be consistent with the scientific and philosophical understanding on which our modern world is based.
Affirming Catholicism
This is the website of a movement of inspiration and hope in the Anglican Communion, seeking to bring together and strengthen lay and ordained people who recognize the positive, inclusive and joyful currents in the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism.
Inclusive Church
Inclusive Church was founded in 2003. A quotation from Abp Desmond Tutu summarises what they believe and follow: "Christ when he was lifted up did not say 'I draw some people to myself.' He said, 'I draw all, All, ALL'" (Abp. Desmond Tutu)
Local Organisations, Neighbouring Parishes and Dioceses

St Michael's, Observatory
Christ Church, Kenilworth
Diocese of False Bay
Royal School of Church Music, Cape Town Banch
Church Newspapers and News Services

The Church Times
The Tablet
The Episcopal News Service
Other Interesting Resource Sites
More will be added when they become available
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
This site is unique in that it presents different areas of religious belief in the most tolerant way possible by quoting all sides of any differences and as many different opinions as possible.