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Papers of Interest
For papers presented at St Aidan's Fellowship see end of this table
Date (approx) Author Subject/Title
April 2013 The Very Revd Dr Jane Shaw, Dean of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco Men, women, and difference
The Church Times carried an article by Jane Shaw titled Men, women, and difference. This is reproduced at Thinking Anglican with the permission of both the author and the Church Times.
March 2013 Archbishop Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury The new Archbishop of Canterbury has started a blog site where he will comment regularly (we hope).
1989 to present Various Human Sexuality and the Anglican Church
Rowan Williams wrote in 1989 an essay (originally a lecture) entitled "The Body's Grace" which explored certain aspects of Human sexuality (both Hetereo- and homo-sexuality). I found his original essay a good read and the other essays here, which discuss and critique his view give a good perspective in realising the complexity of the matter.
These essays are all in PDF format.
  1. "The Body's Grace" by Rowan Williams from ABC Wesite
  2. ‘Not Discerning the Body’: revisiting Rowan Williams’ “The Body’s Grace” by John P. Richardson
  3. On ‘The Body’s Grace’:a series of critiques on Rowan William's original essay from
  4. The Body’s Grace from
1st July 2008 The Rev Derek Pratt Report on a Visit to the Dioceses of Birmingham, York, Canterbury, St Albans and Southwark to interview Continuing Ministerial Education officials
19th October 2007 The Rt Rev Njongonkulu Ndungane, Archbishop of Cape Town Sermon at Eucharist of Diocese of California Oct 2007.
23rd September 2007 The Rt Rev Njongonkulu Ndungane, Archbishop of Cape Town Speech at his Farewell Dinner
23rd September 2007 The Rt Rev Michael Nuttall, former Bishop of Natal Sermon preached at St George's Catherdal by the Rt Rev Michael Nuttall onthe occassion of the retirement of Abp Ndungane.
5th September 2007 The Very Rev Rowan Smith, Dean of Cape Town St Paul's Lecture 2007 - The present in out past.
17th June 2007 The Rt Rev Njongonkulu Ndungane Sermon preached at Westminsiter Abbey
May 2007 The Rt Rev Njongonkulu Ndungane Bishop's Forum - The Anglican Communion
Address to Clergy of Cape Town at St Saviour's, Claremont
April 2007 The Rev Canon Marilyn McCord Adam Leaven in the Lump of Lambeth
Spiritual Temptations and Ecclesial Opportunities
Jan 2007 The Covenant Design Group Draft Anglican covenant
The draft covenant as presented at Primates Meeting Feb 2007
Oct 2006 The Rt Rev Winston Njongonkulu Ndunganes The Heartlands of Anglicanism
The Anglican Church's Unity and disunity
Various Papers presented to St Aidan's Fellowship
September 2010 The Rev Derek Pratt F.D.Maurice
Still a prophetic voice today?
Paper presented to the St Aidan's Fellowship
February 2008 The Rev Derek Pratt Lay Presidency
A journey that resulted in a deeper
personal understanding on
eucharistic, ministerial
and ecclesiological theologies.
Paper at St Aidan's Fellowship
Aug 2005 The Rev Derek Pratt Where to Now?
May 2004 The Rev Derek Pratt Exculpation of Colenso
May 2002 The Rev Derek Pratt The Sacredness of Buildings
This is a large file [9Mb]. Please email Derek for a copy
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