The Revd Michael Bester has attempted to re-construct the burial registers for the Black River Cemetery, Klipfontein and Cressy Roads, Athlone from 1926 to 1946. How he has achieved this mammoth task is given here and the list of people buried in the graveyard is given here, here and here. Do not forget that those buried before 1926 will be with the St Paul's Burial Records which are available at or from Fr Derek Pratt (

Fr Derek Pratt is busy collecting a brief family history of all those buried in the Purchased plots in St Paul's Graveyard. The graveyard was only open for a short period – from around 1840 to the late 1880s – therefore there is a finite number of people are buried here that need to be researched.

In 2006 the Western Cape Branch of the South African Archaelogical Society collected the transcripts from the extant tombstones and published them in a book with photographs of the tombstones on an accompanying CD. This book and CD is avaible from the Archaeological Society. Contact Connie Feast on 021 689 5921 or Yvonne Viljoen email:

Below is a list of names of those whose family history is being researched. Unfortunately there is not enough room on our server to have details of all the people listed. If you would like to see what has been researched thus far on any of them or if any of these names are your ancestors, please contact Fr Derek ( so he can either send you what he has or add your data to what he has collected so far.

Name D of D    
Asp, Carl Johan 07-06-1868      
Aylward, Peter Charles 31-01-1861      
Bain, Susan Maria 05-10-1875      
Baker, Hannah 16-05-1852      
Bell, Catharine Mariann 17-07-1863      
Beville, Thomas Henry        
Block, Louisa Elizabeth 13-12-1881      
Blyth, William Edward 05-04-1869      
Bolus, Sophia 02-05-1872      
Bowe, Thomas 11-10-1865      
Bowles,Thomas Henry 18-01-1868      
Bradshaw, Frances 28-10-1861      
Bradshaw, Maria 02-07-1869      
Bradshaw, Thomas 11-03-1877      
Brodribb, Jessie        
Brooke, Lucy Brooke. 21-01-1869      
Butler, Ann Martha 11-03-1883      
Butler, James Butler. 23-06-1879      
Butler, Louisa Fredrika 20-05-1883      
Butler, Margaret Cecelia 17-07-1852      
Butler, Michael 01-09-1879      
Butler, Stella Elizabeth Margaret 04-02-18?2      
Bystrom, Constance S 28-07-1864      
Bystrom, Johan N 13-11-1858      
Bystrom, Oscar W 12-10-1864      
Bystrom, Sophia 22-10-1868      
Campbell, A C 23-10-1845      
Carleton, Henry Smith 02-04-1860      
Clarence, Alice Caroline Louisa 12-09-1869      
Clarence, Caroline Grace 18-04-1820      
Cole, Frederick Campbell 18-04-1877      
Cole, George 05-02-1859      
Cole, Helen Lina 19-12-1857      
Cole, Mary 03-06-1873      
Cooper, Edwin Thomas 01-09-1848      
Cosnett, Daisy 25-08-1878      
Cosnett, Francis Amelia 22-06-1881      
Cosnett, Mary Elizabeth 10-03-1877      
Cowling, Walter Frederick 09-OS-1859      
Cowling, William Frederick 02-02-1866      
Cowling, William Frederick 23-07-1860      
Cozens, John Read 29-12-1861      
Cumberledge, Edward Altham 07-01-1844      
Davies, John Marshall 29-11-1853      
Davis, John 23-11-1865      
De Smidt, Alice Cornelia 30-06-1878      
De Smidt, William John 19-09-1869      
Dean, Catherine 12-04-1878      
Dean, Harry Nelson (Infant)        
Dean, Helen Florence 23-04-1872      
Dean, James Nelson (Snr.) 15-08-1858      
Dobie, Johanna O1-07-1879      
Dobie, Mungo 02-03-1872      
Downes, William 11-03-1866      
Downing, Samuel Jury 19-06-1868      
Ebden, Christina Caroline 16-09-1871      
Emett, Edwin Cheere 14-02-1850      
Emett, Edwin Chere Emett [sic] 14-11-1856      
Enett, Anna Cornelia 24-03-1846      
Ferguson, William 05-05-1847      
Fleming, George 26-08-1879      
Fleming, Johanna 09-02-1865    
Fox, William 13-03-1852    
Fry, Jane 00-00-1858    
Fry, No name- two children      
Fuller, Henry 28-08-1869    
Gee, Alfred 09-12-1845    
Gee, James 22-11-1851    
Gibson, No Name - female child      
Gunning, John 06-08-1883    
Gunning, Rachel Sarah 09-11-1847    
Hanbury, Eliza Cattell      
Hanbury, Mary 06-01-1866    
Hanbury, Mary Frances 14-03-1869    
Hanbury,Joseph 05-04-1867      
Handley, Georgina 04-12-1874    
Hare Family have double plot - with 60      
Hare, Ellen 00-00-1840    
Hare, Esther 00-00-1840    
Hare, John 00-00-1840    
Hare, John (Snr.) 00-00-1857    
Hare, Louisa 27-04-1842    
Hare, William 23-06-1874    
Hare, William Robert 00-00-1847    
Harries, Arthur Bellair 06-11-1868    
Harrison, Bessie AJ 23-05-1865    
Hauke, George Henry 14-??-18??    
Haybittel, Emily - infant      
Haybittel, Mary 23-03-1863    
Haybittel, Mathilda - infant      
Hefferman, Anna Elizabeth 06-08-1876    
Hefferman, Harry Robert 19-05-1874    
Higgs, Ellen Elizabeth 19-05-1872    
Higgs, William Edward 20-11-1868    
Hodges, Philip Thomas Raleigh 28-08-1874    
Hodges, Sir William 15-08-1868    
Hoets, Catharine Rienetta 18-12-1871    
Hoets, Jan Mathinus [sic] 19-02-1882    
Holl, Mary 12-04-1881    
Honey, Elizabeth 27-02-1863    
Hull, Ricton 13-09-1854    
Humphries, Mina 01-02-1868    
Hunt, George ? -03- ?    
Hunt, George Henry Hawkins 00-06-1858    
Jones, Laura Jane 07-08-1872    
Jones, Thomas Jones 27-11-1869    
Kelly, William 09-01-1866    
Kemm, Elizabeth 26-08-1882      
Kirton, James Higgs 04-03-1869      
Kirton, Jane 28-03-1868      
Kirton, Mary Lilly 25-03-1850      
Kirton, No Name - Infant        
Knevett, Henry 04-06-1855      
Knight, Edith Louisa 18-06-1864      
Lewes, Marian Byng 04-O1-1869      
Lewis, Emma Isabella 13-11-1871      
Lewis, John 09-04-1839      
Long, Alice Maria        
Long, William A F 12-01-1863      
Macaulay, Anna Maria 18-06-1864      
Macaulay, Maria Alicia 06-08-1880      
Maclear, Ellen 12-12-1866      
Mann, Alice Mary Sarah 14-06-1872      
Mann, Walter Gray 07-06-1872      
Mann, William 30-04-1873      
McCabe, Ann 00-00-1860      
McCabe, Ensign James 00-00-1849      
Montagu, Anna Maria 11-11-1867      
Montagu, Arthur Thomas - infant 12-07-1872      
Montagu, Elizabeth - infant 02-01-1870      
Moore, Charles 20-04-1874      
Muller, Catherina Hendrina 05-09-1843      
Newton, Ida Marion 00-00-1976      
Nicholls, Emma 07-01-1874      
Nicholls, George Ross 00-00-1849      
Nicholls, Harold - infant 00-00-1857      
Nicholls, Madeline Margaret 07-01-1874      
Nicholls, Norman - infant 00-00-1861      
Nightingale, Charles 14-01-1873      
Nightingale, William 04-02-1874      
Parke, Elizabeth 15-12-1851      
Parke, William Parke 01-02-1881      
Parsons, Amy Jane 27-04-1877      
Parsons, Caroline Maud 23-03-1877      
Parsons, Emma Sophia 16-06-1865      
Philpott, Kate 19-03-1867      
Piers, Alfred Hayton 13-10-1872      
Piers, Ann 27-04-1875      
Piers, Duncan 09-05-1853      
Piers, James Harry Rumbold 06-11-1878      
Piers, James Shute Bentley 30-03-1859      
Piers, Maj. Henry Piers 03-05-1872      
Porter, Francis 22-09-1869      
Prince, Ellen Mary 27-04-1869      
Prince, Maria Magdalena 24-09-1870      
Radclyffe, Edward John 12-09-1857      
Randall, Mary Louisa 29-10-1870      
Randall, Samuel 21-03-1855      
Raylston, Elizabeth 04-10-1850      
Ripp, Robert Nathanial 21-02-1851      
Ripp, William M Ripp 14-12-1845      
Robertson, Malcolm 19-12-1899      
Rogerson, R Ralph 15-10-1850      
Ruthven, Eliza Catherine 04-09-1873      
Ruthven, Henry William 26-09-1869      
Ruthven, Jane 08-07-1842      
Ruthven, William 00-00-1847      
Sampson, Mary 20-04-1882      
Sawyer, Hannah 00-00-0000      
Sawyer, John Sawyer (Snr.) 20-02-1874      
Sawyer, Maria Catherine 25-06-1876      
Schroeder, JPL 29-10-1867      
Sheerd, Mary Sarah        
Silberbauer, Wilhelmina (not buried here) 04-12-1867      
Spence, Charlotte Summers 15-05-1861      
Steele, Henry (not buried here) 01-12-1867      
Steele, Maria Johanna 04-08-1866      
Steele, Minna 06-09-1862      
Stuart, Anne Mackenzie 20-02-1873      
Tagu, JE (male) 00-00-1879      
Tagu, No Name (female) 00-00-1867      
Tennant, Mary 12-02-1878      
Tennant, Thomas 16-01-1870      
Thompson, Charlotte 23-03-1863      
Thompson, Elizabeth 04-08-1866      
Thomson, Charles Victor 23-10-1857      
Thomson, George 22-01-1852      
Thomson, James Duncan Cazenove 19-07-1856    
Travers, Horace De La Cour 07-12-1877    
Tru...(?), Henry 07-07-0000    
Twentyman, Myra Edith 29-09-1839    
Twentyman, Myra Eliza 02-02-1858    
Tyars, John 18-01-1845    
Tyars, William Talmarsh 14-12-1849    
Upjohn, Joseph 03-08-1883    
Upjohn, Maria 30-06-1888    
Venner, Anne Elizabeth 29-01-1868    
Venner, Edmund Nugent Yeo 12-03-1872    
Venner, Elizabeth Ann Yeo 28-11-1859    
Venner, George Arnold Yeo 05-01-1861    
Venner, John Nugent 17-04-1864      
Venner, Nugent Mowbray 20-09-1871    
Venner, Nugent Yeo 02-02-1866    
Wagner, Johan Adam 23-12-1860    
Wallace, Daniel Fogden 12-09-1872    
Wallace, Elizabeth Ada 16-02-1873    
Wallace, Gertrude Ada 16-02-1873    
Wallace, Margaret 20-02-1876    
Wallace, Maria Elizabeth 02-12-1880    
Wallace, William 29-12-1845    
Wallis, Ann 07-08-1851    
Waugh, Annie 22-05-1862  
Williams, Maria 04-07-1868    
Wilshere, Alice Margaret 07-02-1865    
Wodehouse, Catherine Mary 06-10-1866    
Worsley, Jessie 00-00-1878    
Wright, Caroline P S Lee 14-06-1868